Virginia Growers LLC, a food hub, is making connections between the farms and the tables of Central Virginia.  As leaders in the local food movement, Jo and Rob Pendergraph of Manakintowne Specialty Growers have been successful growers for the restaurant trade since 1985. Manakintowne is known for serving

as a liason and mentor for chef customers and

new farmers in the region. Jo and Rob and

the team at Manakintowne have developed a

keen understanding of customers’ needs and

where opportunities exist for farmers.


Virginia Growers is a coordinated effort

by growers working together to grow the local

food supply. Manakintowne is currently serving as the incubator for Virginia Growers. Manakintowne and Virginia Growers work with 70+ chefs, restaurants, institutions, coops, retail outlets and hubs across the region. 


Incorporated in 2014, Virginia Growers

Specialty Produce is 

putting delicious healthy food on the plate,

and supporting and sustaining the livelihood

and farmland of Virginia farmers.


Farmers, Chefs, Retailers, Investors:

For more information please email Jo at: manakintowneva@gmail.com


Chefs: please let us know what you are looking for.

We will do a LOCAL search for you!


Local Farms


Manakintowne Specialty Growers

Specialty produce Powhatan County


Owl Orchard

Peaches, Asian pears Powhatan County


Hickory Green Farm

Honey Powhatan County


Hertzler’s Farm

All natural eggs Powhatan County


Janice McKinney

Heirloom pumpkins Amelia County



Fruit Hanover County


Mica Hill Farm

All natural eggs Nottoway County


Goats R Us
Chevre, feta and Buttercup Nottoway County


Shalom Farm

Greens Powhatan County


Dockery Branch Farm

Filet beans, tomatoes, peppers Mecklenburg County


Sunnyside Farm

Tomatoes, melons, corn, squash Cumberland County


Broadfork Farm

Greens Chesterfield County

Snead's Asparagus Farm

Asparagus Caroline County

Meadow Acre Farm

Greens Henrico County


Hungry Hill Farm

100% Raw Honey Nelson County


for more information about

Virginia Growers Specialty Produce,

contact us