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Huguenot Springs Farm

Rob and Jo Pendergraph, owners of Manakintowne Specialty Growers, are pleased to announce that they have taken on the stewardship of Huguenot Springs Farm in Powhatan County, Virginia.


"The place feels like home to us, and takes us back to our farm's roots at Manakintowne" says Jo Pendergraph. "It is a wonderful spot for folks to gather and share their talents."


Huguenot Springs has a long and significant history. The 12 acre agricultural property is among the lands along the James River inhabited by the Monacan Indians and granted to French Huguenot refugees by William Byrd in 1701, in the area known as Manakintowne. In the 19th century, a hotel, 12 cottages and springs provided a summer respite for city dwellers, and during the Civil War, a place of healing for wounded Confederate soldiers. The footprint of the 1849 hotel which was destroyed by fire in 1890 is outlined by a low wall of old bricks behind the existing house, where it frames a perennial garden, beyond which grow blueberries, apples and grapes.


It is the perfect venue for events celebrating the

foodways, arts and history of the region, 

such as...









Art + Food Open House

Sunday Farm Table

Plein Air workshops



Family reunions

Guest Chef dinners 

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