This week: Expect salad mix, baby kale or baby mustards, pea shoots or shoots mix, spring herbs, veggies such as carrots, baby leeks, radishes, apples, and a dozen cage free eggs. Growers' choice. Photos are from the farm across the seasons. We will send you the best of spring this week! Expect two to six servings per produce item. Pick up at Riverside Outfitters Tuesdays 3:00-6:00; Coalfield Stn. Antiques Midlothian Wednesdays 3-5:00; People's Pie in Scott's Addition Wednesdays 3-6:00; or Huguenot Springs, Thursdays, 3-6:00.

Manakintowne & Virginia Growers Produce, 4 week share

  • A typical seasonal share includes greens and herbs from Manakintowne, fruit from Agriberry, veggies from local farm partners of Virginia Growers and local eggs from cage free hens. Expect two to six servings per produce item, perfect for a couple or small family.